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“Nutrition Made Easy” by Lora Collins Tustison Simplifies Nutrition With Clear and Tangible Information for All

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“Nutrition Made Easy” by Lora Collins Tustison Simplifies Nutrition With Clear and Tangible Information for All

November 21
02:33 2023
"Nutrition Made Easy" by Lora Collins Tustison Simplifies Nutrition With Clear and Tangible Information for All

Renowned nutrition expert Lora Collins Tustison has released her highly anticipated book, “Nutrition Made Easy: Back to the Basics.” This comprehensive guidebook offers readers a simplified yet comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of nutrition, empowering them to take control of their dietary choices and achieve their personal health goals.

In “Nutrition Made Easy,” Tustison breaks down the complexities of nutrition into easy-to-understand terms, eliminating the need for readers to search for additional explanations or definitions. With a writing style that is approachable and accessible, Tustison presents each page as a tangible source of valuable information akin to a blueprint for a healthy and balanced diet.

Unlike other nutrition books heavy on scientific jargon, “Nutrition Made Easy” focuses on delivering practical advice and actionable tips that readers can implement immediately. Tustison believes nutrition should not be shrouded in complexity or inaccessible to the average person. Instead, she provides a clear and straightforward path to understanding the basics of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats—the building blocks of a healthy diet.

Readers of “Nutrition Made Easy” will find themselves equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate their dietary choices with confidence. Tustison encourages readers to follow her book as if it were the yellow brick road, guiding them towards their personal health goals. By demystifying the science behind nutrition, Tustison enables readers to make informed decisions about their eating habits, paving the way for lasting positive changes.

With a passion for helping others achieve optimal health, Lora Collins Tustison has become a trusted authority in nutrition. Her extensive experience, combined with her ability to communicate complex concepts in an approachable manner, has garnered her a dedicated following of individuals seeking to improve their well-being through informed nutritional choices. “Nutrition Made Easy” will soon be available on major online platforms and select bookstores.

About the Author:

Lora Collins Tustison, NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine) CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)/ BCS (Behavior Change Specialist) / CNC (Certified Nutritional Coach) with more than 15+ years of experience in the field. My passion is helping men & women take their lives back, sleep better, have more energy and fat loss, and feel stronger physically and mentally every day  &  the right nutrition/ nutrient will make it happen.

Book Name: Nutrition Made Easy
Author Name: Lora Collins Tustison
ISBN Number: 978-1088055991
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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