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Capturing Melodies that Soothe, Uplift, and Inspire – New Age Icon Anaya Music Mesmerizes with New Release

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Capturing Melodies that Soothe, Uplift, and Inspire – New Age Icon Anaya Music Mesmerizes with New Release

May 19
13:15 2023
Capturing Melodies that Soothe, Uplift, and Inspire - New Age Icon Anaya Music Mesmerizes with New Release
Soulful, soothing, and transformative, Anaya Music’s newest record “Quietness” is an electronic instrumental record that enhances inner peace and spirituality

An artist who finds music to be a sacred experience a means to opening the chakras of the mind and soul, Anaya Music is changing the soundscape of New Age. Immersing audiences into an enlivening and ethereal musical experience, Anaya’s journey with music remains unparalleled.

The artist always wanted to be a filmmaker and studied only music for years at a conservatory and with private music teachers. Assisted by her mother who was also a musician, Anaya Music has been studying cinema and photography since 2014.

A strong believer in the idea that everyone is simply miracles in the form of light, the renowned meditation composer is now sending waves with her new album, “Quietness.” A groundbreaking and seasoned composer-producer, the Brazil-based recording artist continues to mesmerize audiences with her blends.

All the 13 pieces on her record “Quietness” were inspired by sunset footage by Anaya Music and present a soothing and inspiring mix of melodies echoing the tranquility of calm waters. A profound celebration of light, the heat of the sun and the freshness of the water that generates life, “Quietness” is a record unlike any other.

A powerhouse force in filmmaking as well, with high concept videos that have earned her a staggering 300 awards in film awards organizations in US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Keeping the creative momentum and innovation flowing, Anaya Music has many exciting projects on tap in 2023 including two new original full length albums – “Quietness” and “Bliss”.

A stellar force, several of Anaya Music’s videos have been inspired in the actual moment of planetary transitions to help people elevate vibration frequencies through the musical work Anaya does in 432Hz- a frequency that aligns with the heart chakra and is used to bring about quietness.

Anaya has been on an inspiring roll for her multitude of audio and video releases since 2015, earning accolades from festivals and organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, India, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries for her impactful and visually compelling clips with producer Marcio Alves.

“We need to be humans full of love in order to ascend to new dimensions of existence, and music for me is the interstellar gateway, opening millions of new possibilities. Music is my life and cinema is a dream that transcends realities with a prophecy for tomorrow,” affirms Anaya Music.

Anaya Music’s new album is available to download and/or stream from sites such as Amazon, AppleMusic/iTunes, and Spotify. Check it out if you could use a bit of “Quietness” in your life as well!###


‪Anaya Music, a Multi-Award-Winning artist (MSc, PhD, PostDoctor) is a timeless composer and ethereal vocalist, filmmaker, producer,recording artist, composer, author, keyboardist, and a NARAS®, ASCAP and LIT-Talent Awards jury voting member. A 2020 Winner of Vision Artist and Outstanding Legacy Awards, the Brazilian artist has been creating beautiful music to promote peace, wellness, love, and inner calm for more than twenty years.

The artist’s musical career started at the age of 7 when she was playing in her high school band. She later began composing at the age of 12, crafting Bossa Nova Style popular music.  From 1978 to 1998, Anaya worked as a consultant and lived abroad for many years, studying a lot of music. She later went onto many conferences for 3rd millennium technologies in several countries in Europe and in the US while working at UNB.

Having to retire early for health reasons, she decided to cure herself and bought a keyboard, beginning her journey with New Age and Neoclassical music.









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