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Agrarius and Mountain Valley MD: The Partnership That’s Revolutionizing Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability

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Agrarius and Mountain Valley MD: The Partnership That’s Revolutionizing Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability

May 18
06:27 2023
As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the need for food at an unprecedented rate. In response to this problem, agricultural entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to boost crop growth and yields while decreasing farming’s environmental impact.

Mountain Valley MD is one such developer, with their Agrarius liquid signaling technology showing promise in changing sustainable agriculture as we now know it.


According to Dennis Hancock, President and CEO of Mountain Valley MD, Agrarius encourages agricultural output increases by engaging the plants’ defense mechanisms at the cellular level without the actual stress factor. This method works by duplicating naturally occurring organic chemicals that match specific plant survival instincts, so improving the plant’s inherent defense mechanisms against environmental challenges. Agrarius is provided as a liquid concentrate blended with water at the point of application and then sprayed onto the plant twice during its lifecycle. The results have been significant, with yield improvements ranging from 10% to 50% or more across various crop species.

The capacity of Agrarius to permit direct plant contact distinguishes it from traditional agricultural methods. How does it work? Hancock explained that it “sends signals that a plant understands. These signals tell plants how to grow, subsequently increasing yields, volatility resistance, and growth speeds.”

Furthermore, Agrarius is a 100% organic product that has been professionally reviewed and approved in the United States by the Organic Materials Review Institute. It has been demonstrated in experiments to permit a reduction in fertilizer and pesticide usage, which has significant environmental benefits and considerable financial benefits given the present global fertilizer scenario.


Agrarius has enormous potential to address food security issues and boost sustainable agriculture methods. Because of its low cost, it has the potential to alter the agricultural landscape and farming techniques. As UN authorities express alarm about the growing fertilizer issue and the impact of climate change on crop yields in vulnerable places, the need for innovative solutions becomes obvious. Agrarius has the potential to boost crop growth and yields in drought-prone areas, thereby contributing to global food security.

In Hancock’s words, “MVMD has seen in trials that Agrarius can facilitate a reduction in fertilizers and pesticide usage. Beyond the significant environmental benefits that come with reducing fertilizers and pesticides, there is a very substantial financial benefit with the supply and price challenges that exist across the global fertilizer landscape.”


Mountain Valley MD has adopted a hands-on approach in engaging with farmers and other agricultural stakeholders, partnering with prominent agricultural actors to apply the product in a testing environment to key crops. Rather than simply promoting product sales, this method ensures that the particular operational and environmental elements in each farming business are considered.

“Agrarius has an unprecedented ability to impact the global food supply landscape,” said Hancock, “and at the same time, transform the carbon credit landscape in a way that can support environmental sustainability objectives.”


Agrarius has the potential to revolutionize the global food supply landscape while supporting environmental sustainability goals in the future.

“A focus for MVMD in our next phase of focus will be specifically on the fertilizer impact from an environmental and cost perspective,” Hancock mentioned. “There are many countries with extensive fertilizer subsidies that are provided to farming operations given the importance of the agricultural business to the economy. MVMD believes that Agrarius can be adopted at a level that will directly impact the GDP of many countries in a positive way given the economic significance of the food supply chain.”

The need for creative solutions to meet the world’s food needs is rising, and Agrarius is undoubtedly positioned to be an industry game changer.

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