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Amsterdam City Farm Launches Organic, Alcohol-Free Ginger Beer in the Netherlands

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Amsterdam City Farm Launches Organic, Alcohol-Free Ginger Beer in the Netherlands

May 16
06:56 2023
Amsterdam City Farm brews premium, organic and alcohol-free ginger beer using traditional and sustainable brewing methods.

Trends show that people are increasingly interested in living a healthier lifestyle without being willing to make concessions on how they enjoy their life. Therefore, people are more inclined to spend good money on high-quality, healthy, natural soft drinks. The success of premium, organic, alcohol-free Ginger Beer made by Amsterdam City Farm is a good example.

Known for its organic beverages, Amsterdam City Farm continues to supply high-quality, alcohol-free ginger beer to its customers. The brewery produces its product in the heart of Amsterdam using traditional brewing and fermentation methods, making it a culturally rich product. Amsterdam City Farm positions its product as a wholesome alternative to alcoholic drinks. A unique feature of their ginger beer is that it is also quite versatile as it can be drank as is or used as a mixer for cocktails and mocktails. 

Devinder and Tim, the founders, have always been passionate about ginger beer, which in turn led them to start brewing their own ginger beer.

They created something healthy, authentic and less sugary. Their ginger beer became very popular among friends and family. 

The popularity and feedback seeded the idea for them to start producing their ginger beer on a more commercial scale. As a result, within no time, their premium ginger beer became popular amongst a larger audience in and around Amsterdam.

They describe their ginger beer as a drink jam-packed with peppery spice, which gives a heavy punch of ginger as soon as it hits the throat. A drink that is refreshing and authentic!

They position their ginger beer as the Rolls Royce of soft drinks. Their focus is on one product, as this focus ensures that their ginger beer is the best possible product it can be.

“A sip of our ginger beer is like a pure explosion of natural adrenaline to the senses,” says Devinder. 

Their product is made with only real, fresh and organic ingredients.

“As our ginger beer contains 100% real ingredients, you will see a nice chunk of sediment settled on the bottom of every bottle. This is exactly what makes it special and full of flavour.  One must shake it well before serving to get the full flavour”, Tim added. 

The brewery should be appreciated for its significant focus and vision regarding sustainability. It adopted green practices, which allows it to go easy on mother earth. An example being, keeping the ingredients 100% organic, which promises a positive impact on one’s health and the environment. 

The brewery’s success in this short period is remarkable and speaks volumes about its cofounders’ determination, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. They are role models for aspiring entrepreneurs. The contribution of Amsterdam City Farm to the world of soft drinks is expected to inspire many more to follow in its footsteps. 

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About Amsterdam City Farm

Amsterdam City Farm is a brewery started by Devinder and Tim in the heart of Amsterdam. Devinder and Tim are the brewers of the first organic, alcohol-free ginger beer of The Netherlands. Their goal is to change the perception of the soft drink industry, and elevate it to a higher level. 

“At Amsterdam City Farm, we brew with only the finest, top quality, organic ingredients.” Says Devinder, “And making our product according to traditional brewing methods, ensuring our ginger beer to be the most flavorful it can be.”

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