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Helping the brands on solving their transportation problem and cost problems

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Helping the brands on solving their transportation problem and cost problems

May 15
15:48 2023
The many brand customers we served generally hoped the cardboard display could achieve the cost saving, and so did Shokz. They find SD and hope we can create a display that can be used for two sales season exhibition periods. In order to fulfill the needs of Shodz, SD proposes a solution.
Problems that Shodz Facing:

1. Transporting products from China to Sam’s Club in the US is expensive, and it takes a long time.

2. An exhibition stand includes two display schemes, “present station + checkout card,” and two sales seasons.

After understanding the needs of our clients, the SD design team immediately began to create and list the implementation difficulties of the display and break them down one by one. After a period of design, proofing, and confirmation of samples, we devised a perfect solution to solve customer needs.


1. Transportation cost:

We changed the height of the original display shelf. When loading cabinets, stack them in two layers. This plan reduces the cost but increases the requirements for display frames. Exhibition shelves are required to bear the pressure for their own products but also another display’s pressure. This situation set up the requirements for the structure and technology of the display frame.

2. Structural technology:

under the discussion and design of SD designers and suppliers, not only did the paper technology need to be thickened up, but also the load-bearing structure. And when packing, use certain consumables to improve the bearing capacity of the display frame and protect the products from any damage.

3. Exhibition stand design:

The customer requires that the exhibition stand should meet two display scenes. To solve this problem, SD adds product display + checkout card functions into the display under the rule of exhibition shelves in Sam’s Club. Usually, a promotional display can only meet one function: the checkout function. But in this case, we added the function of the counter display in the half pallet display. Since it is an electronic product, SD uses a reusable iron display frame combined with light technology to make the display stand to match the product concept and multi-season idea.

The customer requires that the display can be used for two seasons, and the display pictures for those two seasons are different. In the design process, the designer added two layers of corrugated paper to the display sideboard. The outer layer is tear-able so that Sam’s Club’s staff can quickly change the promotional screen in the second quarter.


This product landed in the store at the beginning of this year. According to the information returned by the store, there was basically no damage during transportation. And the display, having passed its first season without incident, is now going through its second period. In this project, SD helped the customer to approach 0 cargo loss and save more than 3w yuan in cost.

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