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CRWN Skincare helps moisturize and protect bald scalps with its innovative, all-natural formula.

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CRWN Skincare helps moisturize and protect bald scalps with its innovative, all-natural formula.

May 10
00:00 2023
CRWN Skincare elevates the definition of self-care by introducing CRWN Butter: the perfect solution to dry and flaky bald scalps.

CRWN Skincare provides high-quality skincare products for the scalp that help bald men and women feel healthy, moisturized, and beautiful in their skin. The brand emphasizes clean and organic skincare with its naturally sourced ingredients.

About the Company

CRWN Skincare aims to create a space catering to self-care for bald people, a demographic often overlooked in the skincare and hair industry. Being bald is a distinctive feature that should be accepted and appreciated.

Whether by choice or circumstance, being bald does not mean compromising self-love and care. CRWN Skincare’s mission is to help people realize their baldness makes them no less beautiful and that skincare is not just limited to the face but also extends above the forehead. 

Speaking to a company representative, “Most people assume since there’s no hair, the head doesn’t require any maintenance or care, but that isn’t true. Without the protection your hair usually offers, your scalp needs even more care than before; otherwise, it will become flaky or hyperpigmented, causing irritation and even loss of self-confidence. We’ve spent two years developing our nourishing formula so that it’s the perfect au-natural solution to every bald individual’s concerns. Unlike conventional moisturizers, our CRWN butter is designed specifically for bald heads.”

Enriching and Natural Ingredients

The company’s ultra-moisturizing CRWN butter has been two years in the making, with each ingredient carefully evaluated for optimum results for bald heads. Their product has all natural ingredients free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. 

The pioneering formula involves a proprietary blend of twelve premium organic ingredients. One of the ingredients includes Shea Butter which is anti-inflammatory and greatly moisturizing, helping treat potential scalp damage and reduce flakiness. Other ingredients are Jojoba Oil, with special anti-fungal properties, Vitamin E that helps regulate scalp pH and oil production, and Argan Oil, which keeps scalp infections at bay. 

CRWN Skincare guarantees 100% natural ingredients from the finest suppliers, ensuring the purest quality. 

Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Care

Being bald can come with physiological and social problems that often shatter people’s self-confidence. Bald women, in particular, have a harder time coping with unsolicited attention. 

The CRWN Skincare company endeavors to provide bald men and women confidence and comfort. Their signature product aims to offer effective solutions to scalp problems and help people build themselves up one act of self-service at a time.

The CRWN team’s passion for helping celebrate the unique beauty of being bald sets them apart. The brand aspires to accompany customers on their journey to wellness and self-nurturing to achieve a better version of themselves, inside and out.


The CRWN Skincare team believes in providing great skincare products and helping people gain confidence and accept themselves as they are. Their motto, ‘Bald is Beautiful,’ perfectly encapsulates the company’s vision and passion. 

The brand uses natural and top-of-the-line ingredients with many beneficial properties, helping solve various scalp-related problems. 

CRWN Skincare provides free shipping in the United States with its product CRWN Butter currently available for pre-order. 

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