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Team Communication Tips and Ideas with Asif Ali Gohar

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Team Communication Tips and Ideas with Asif Ali Gohar

May 09
20:12 2023

All companies are learning new ways to communicate with their team members across cities and even around the globe. With a large company that is working with several others and has many moving parts, Asif Ali Gohar has found some ways that make this communication and connection easier. He has taken some time to share tips and ideas on how to improve communication within any team.

When working with a team it is key to have a method of communication that not only allows for the team to interact as a whole, as well as a way for individuals to chat and talk in smaller groups or in pairs. Not every conversation needs to include everyone, and by enforcing each person to interact on every single conversation a lot of time can be lost, and productivity will decrease. Daily updates can be sent at the end of the day, with a larger update at the end of each week, to ensure that people who are working together will have the information they need to do the next portion.

Meetings can be a useful tool to connect with both small teams and larger ones when they are working on a project together. They can ensure that the overall product is cohesive and that each person knows their own responsibility and part. Meetings in person can create an engaging environment and ideas can be built upon by everyone without extended periods between comments and suggestions, and brainstorming ideas are highly productive when there is a new development or roadblock. They move quickly due to the in person aspect and immediate feedback, however they do have a trade off if not everyone gets the time to share their ideas and if there is a commute that needs to be done. Commuting can take a short period of time as everyone gathers locally, or if there is a group that is in different areas of the city, of the country, and even around the world, these in person meetings can be almost impossible.

Team work platforms are a tool that allows each person to update what they are doing, to attach files and documents, include messages, add short notes and details, and to allow others to access the work easily and immediately. There are several available and each has a slightly different approach and style, so each company can find one that fits their needs best. Once this has been selected it can be easily set up in a day and people can use the tutorials and even videos to learn how to use it best. As people are working together in cities around the world these are becoming a key tool in teamwork.

Using the tools that are available will make teamwork seamless, fast, and efficient. It can improve confidence in the group as a whole as well as each individual, limit time spent on emails and online or phone meetings, and save both time and money. With so many tools are available it can be easy to become overwhelmed, but one good email platform, a teamwork whiteboard or task planner, a shared calendar, and meetings when needed will form a strong base for the success of any project.

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