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Learn To Share The Love Of Christmas With Tom Krause’s A CHRISTMAS LESSON

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Learn To Share The Love Of Christmas With Tom Krause’s A CHRISTMAS LESSON

May 04
21:12 2023
Learn To Share The Love Of Christmas With Tom Krause’s A CHRISTMAS LESSON

Frustrated by collecting donations for the poor each year at Christmas time, a young boy in Victorian London has a change of heart when his father reminds him of the real meaning of Christmas.

“Loving is giving. At last, I can see.
The little boy from, A Christmas Lesson. Tom Krause
Touching Hearts Books,
That which touches the heart inspires the soul.”

Christmas is a day to rejoice. It is a beautiful feeling for almost every child in the world. Children sleep early in the night, wake up excited and have huge smiles plastered all over their faces. These little bundles of joy are sure to make any parent’s day. However, not everyone has the opportunity to be this happy. There are millions of people who are deprived of this joy every single year and have to spend Christmas like it is any other day. This is why we must remember the real intention behind Christmas.

Like the Grinch, whose heart changed when he learned the love of sharing, this children’s book written by Tom Krause does the same. In this intricately illustrated book set in Victorian London, a child who has to collect money for the poor each year with his father at Christmas time is annoyed. He is confused as to why he has to spend his time collecting money for those who do not have any. He would rather be playing and having fun. The child’s father steps in to teach him the real meaning of Christmas. The father reminds him of the blessing that God gave mankind on this day. How God brought his son into the world to make things right for humanity. This lesson awakens the child’s Christmas spirit and helps them feel the warmth and joy of the holiday.

This is a great way of teaching and reminding children that Christmas is not only about the presents but has a deeper meaning than just material gain. Get your child a love lesson they will remember forever.

About The Authors

Tom Krause and Nicholas Child have made a collaborative effort to make this book a reality. Tom Krause was born in 1957 and was brought up next to the Missouri River in Boonville, MO. He then went on to teach in the Missouri Public School System for thirty-one years. He also has experience as an author, a poet, and a National Motivational Speaker.

Nicholas Child is the illustrator of this book. He is based in the Cheshire countryside in England. This book was an ideal project for him since he adores illustrating people, animals, as well as architecture.

“The meaning of Christmas, you see, my dear son,
is not about presents or just having fun,
but the gift of a Father, his own precious son,
so the world would be saved when his work was all done.”

Book Name: A Christmas Lesson
Author Name: Tom Krause
ISBN Number: 978-1915904782
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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