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Fashion enthusiast Brenda Tran-Keating shares her fashion journey leading to the launch of BTK Collection.

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Fashion enthusiast Brenda Tran-Keating shares her fashion journey leading to the launch of BTK Collection.

March 03
19:33 2023
Brenda Tran-Keating, a passionate fashion enthusiast, celebrates her milestones in the fashion industry and the continued success of her boutique BTK Collection.

BTK Collection is the culmination of Brenda Tran-Keating’s journey in the fashion industry. The passionate fashion enthusiast has nurtured her love of fashion since she was young and now revels in realizing her dream through her involvement in the industry. Brenda caters to people who love to express themselves through fashion.

Long before she moved to the US from Vietnam, Brenda expressed her fashion sense through her clothes and personal style. When she moved in the 90s, it became more important for her to assimilate into the new culture and learn the new language, which halted her fashion exploration for a short time. Initially, Brenda wanted to pursue medicine and enrolled in college. She quickly realized that her true passions were elsewhere, and since she was taking business classes as a fallback plan, she bumped up her backup to the main plan and became a trader after college. Her time in a world of numbers, financial analysis, and statements didn’t sate her hunger, and she found little ways to incorporate her love for fashion and styles in her everyday looks at work.

Finally, Brenda began her pursuit of fashion by buying a ticket to a local charity that holds fashion and glamour events to raise money for local organizations. Despite being a rookie, Brenda jumped into the fashion world head first, attended more vents, became an active member of the local fashion organization, and began modeling for local charities and other events. Having gained some press and a taste of what the fashion industry had to offer; Brenda decided it was time to pursue her increasing passion for fashion. It was time to explore fashion’s power to inspire and transform people’s lives.

The birth of BTK Collection

Brenda’s passions in fashion have always centered around providing curated, easy-to-wear, elegant, versatile, and affordable fashion for women. Driven by this passion, Brenda took a leap of faith during the pandemic and created Brenda Boutique. The women’s fashion brand is the realization of Brenda’s vision for a clothing store that celebrates individuality and amplifies personal expression. As the brand grew to reflect more of Brenda’s tastes and styles, she changed its name to BTK Collection, an all-encompassing fashion brand.

Brenda Boutique (BTK Collection) features a carefully curated selection of women’s clothing and accessories that are comfortable, stylish, practical, and versatile and classic. The store’s collection of dresses, jackets, tops, blouses, beauty products and accessories are a reflection of Brenda’s unique perspective on fashion. “As the owner of the business, I put myself in your shoes. So, the garment styles that I select are easy, elegant, and great classic styles,” she shares.

Brenda shares that she has always believed fashion is a powerful way for people to celebrate their uniqueness. With BTK Collection, people can have a space that grants them fashion inspiration and empowerment to pursue their fashion desires, from timeless pieces to bold and daring. BTK Collection began an exciting new chapter in Brenda’s journey in the fashion industry, and she is thrilled to continue delivering on her promise through her brand as she explores fashion and styles.

Visit the website or follow the brand on social media for more information on BTK Collection.

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