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Bojioverse: A Metaverse Theme Park

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Bojioverse: A Metaverse Theme Park

May 14
07:42 2022

Bojioverse is a metaverse theme park that enables community members to co-create, socialize, experience, own, and transact through cryptocurrencies.

Bojioverse democratizes access to theme park experience. The possibilities are limitless – Bojioverse is not bounded by real world law of physics and structure nor capacity. A virtual theme park that enables community to co-create, socialize, experience, own, and transact is in the making and becoming a reality real soon  – welcome to Bojioverse.


Why let others decide what to play? Bojioverse is community governed and decision making is based on consensus. “We are building an extension of real-life theme park in a virtual world, where everyone now can own a piece of it via token and collectively decide how to have fun with it.” said Anthony, co-founder of Bojioverse aka BojioKing, also an UX/UI architect, simplified what he means by a virtual theme park in the metaverse. 


Bojioverse further extends digital social interaction. The founding team already lines up experienced key man to develop capability to add an immersive, 3-dimension experience to the web.  “We design around the user and aim to edge closer to natural and real experience” said Ben aka SaboKing, is experienced in providing Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to many clients including Changi Airport Group and URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore).  Ben noted that VR technology has not reached mass adoption, which is the reason why a VR headset is optional to enter the Meta theme park. “Life is not static. We always think one step ahead in how to add a new dimension to socialize and sense in digital space. We are crafting our metaverse theme park to be future-ready” added Ben. 


Bojioverse facilitates access to theme park from the comfort of the home. That is where non-stop 24/7 fun, hours of rides with friends, experiencing events and shows, socializing and shopping. Bojioverse presents many exciting opportunities, opening access to brands to gain a foothold in the virtual world. “We are creating an elevated level of gamification and commercialization. We envision our Bojioverse to start seeing services much like in the real world, from exploring virtual product to actual product delivery to your doorstep as we onboard brands” says Kah Hsiung aka LobangKing, also a strategy and planning professional in an investment management company.

The potential benefits of setting up experiential store or events at Bojioverse is huge. Since virtual world is not bounded by the laws of physics, brands have a free hand to experiment with store designs and offer unique and immersive experience. Brands could use Bojioverse as a virtual platform to launch new products, product testing and ordering and reviews.   


“We build Bojioverse on Ethereum” Kah Hsiung said “At the core of it, we democratize ownership – now you can own or lease space in Bojioverse, that otherwise it will be too expensive to purchase a plot of land by yourself.  Most importantly, it is verifiable”. Token holders own Bojioverse through NFTs.  Bojio-an can earn through digital assets sales on marketplace, play-to-earn games, participation in governance, or percentage of sales generated via virtual shops in theme park. Bojioverse targets to onboard 20 local brands from local food and fashion brands to merchandise when the platform goes live in August, and 200 brands over the next 1 year.



Bojio-an may transact their fractionalized ownership of virtual theme park via NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. “We are the facilitator of the project,” Anthony said, adding that the metaverse company will be selling the land but not managing the land. “If I had built Starcraft, I would have had rights and licenses to Starcraft. But since this is a distributed app, there could be 20,000 fractions if you buy one of them then you have the governance right in that plot. Each plot is a NFT and has a unique identifier number. They are tradeable in the marketplace.”

Bojioverse NFT is not just a token with digital art or profile picture. Bojioverse has positioned its token as utility NFTs, with clear roadmap of incorporating functionality to ensure holders to benefit from continuous asset building. “It will encompass hospitality, shopping street, gallery, museum, concert, park and game zones” Anthony envisioned Bojioverse as a virtual destination magnet.

Metaverse real estate sales reached USD501 million in 2021, according to MetaMetric Solutions. In fact, sales in January 2022 topped USD85 million and could potentially reach USD1 billion in 2022. 

Sceptics voiced that metaverse could just be a fad. “We don’t know how exactly it will evolve over the next three years and how many users will embark on the journey, but we know Metaverse will be there and serve a purpose.” Anthony said.

The Team (from left to right) Anthony aka BojioKing, CEO and CPO. Kah Hsiung aka LobangKing, Strategy and Planning Contributor. Ben aka SaboKing, VR Solution Contributor, GS aka Bochapking, Social Media Contributor.

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