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JustATP, The Revolutionary Hand Sanitizer, Launched With A Breakthrough In Cellular Energy.

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JustATP, The Revolutionary Hand Sanitizer, Launched With A Breakthrough In Cellular Energy.

June 09
20:12 2021
JustATP, The Revolutionary Hand Sanitizer, Launched With A Breakthrough In Cellular Energy.

With a mission to make a difference in world health,JustATP LLC has just launched their exclusive reconstructive hand sanitizer that not only kills 99.999% of germs, but also boosts your body’s own healing powers, reversing many common skin conditions.

Homoeopathic, alcohol-free, FDA registered, and lab tested, the revolutionary formula in JustATP (Just Add True Protection) goes beyond hand sanitizing. It allows users tonourish their skin and treat painful ailments such as eczema, skin dermatitis and even heal scratched knees.

JustATP’s proprietary formula makes this possible. It uses a body-identical molecule of sodium hypochlorite (also produced naturally by the body) that triggers the creation of more ATP in the body. ATP is the energy currency of the body, and having more ATP results in greater immune powers. Until now, this type of sodium hypochlorite could not be replicated, but this breakthrough has been accomplished with the launch of JustATP.

“I believe our bodies have the power to take care of themselves when they have the energy to do so. This is why I have made it my mission to empower people to live their best life by naturally increasing their own cellular energy,” says Yifat Cohen, the founder of JustATP LLC.

Known as “Germany’s best kept secret,” JustATP is also designed to reverse the damage other hand sanitizers have been wreaking on hands worldwide. JustATP is used and recommended by European dermatologists for people suffering from acute skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, cold sores, fungus and bruises, to provide both relief and protection.

The company has proven, through independent lab tests, that JustATP can eliminate 99.999% ofHealthcare-associated infections (HAI)-causing pathogens, such as COVID, in just 60 seconds.

Top hospitals, businesses, municipalities and everyday Germans are already using JustATP to clean their hands and take care of their skin. And now JustATP is available for health conscious Americans too.” according to Holger Alexi, spokesperson for JustATP LLC.

Easy to use, simply spray JustAPT on your hands. It provides 100% protection without  any harmful chemicals, such as alcohol, dyes, preservatives, fragrances, solvent, or other hazardous ingredients like parabens, phthalates, triclosan, or methanol. It is pure, natural and contains only water, salt and electricity.  JustATP is produced from water and sea salt in a special, electrochemical process, making it 100% biological in nature.

Company Info: JustATP LLC is a woman owned company based in Austin, Texas with the sole mission of helping people live their best lives, naturally and without drugs or harmful chemicals. JustATP LLC is positioned to disrupt the dermatology market by providing an unmatched solution for all skin types and skin diseases without any side effects.

Company Founder: Yifat Cohen is the founder of JustATP LLC. Her quest for finding a better solution to boosting the body’s own healing powers led her to discover the best kept German secret – a reconstructive hand sanitizer called JustATP.

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Company Name: JustATP LLC
Contact Person: Yifat Cohen
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Phone: 347-878-3287
Country: United States

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