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Europe’s Leading Network is Reaching New Heights – VIRTUE Clan – The 80 Million Empire and Agency

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Europe’s Leading Network is Reaching New Heights – VIRTUE Clan – The 80 Million Empire and Agency

June 03
17:12 2021
Europe's Leading Network is Reaching New Heights - VIRTUE Clan - The 80 Million Empire and Agency

Whether we are seeking a new job, looking to create job security in our company, or interested in building new client relationships for our business, networking is now more important then ever. The relationships they continually build and nurture with people over time are the ones that are there for them no matter what — because they have been there for them. Even though we all live in a high-tech world, we need to think in terms of “high touch.” Ask: “How often do I touch base, to say hello or thank you, to my clients/customers/advocates/friends?”

Last week we visited the world famous agency and private network VIRTUE at their headquarters and asked their staff if they have some tips they’d like to share with us about networking. During the last decade, the group has been working on building a multi-million dollar self-sustaining direct access collective — consisting of artists, brands, models, actors, athletes, billionaires, governmental institutions, private transport companies, real estate and housing entities all coming together under one network managed by the VIRTUE Clan Agency (VCA). The team behind VCA is supplying a variety of services to a wide range of industries in Northern and Central Europe and is actively doing business in over 40 countries worldwide.

This week, The VIRTUE Clan Network has surpassed over 80 million in their direct network reach. They have over 5 million followers across all their personal trademarks and sister companies with a reported roster of 573 active clan members as of this today — together reaching over 80 million people across the globe. When asked about insights on how their network is run behind the scenes and the thought process that went into building their private sector, one of the workers immediately replied: “Be truly interested in others. Do this with sincerity and integrity. Nobody likes a phony.”

We like the VIRTUE Group for a lot of reasons. Not only is the company well positioned as a networking leader in the entertainment industry, it is also one of the most luxurious private circles we will find online. If “The Billionaires Club” had a modern tech sibling, it would be The Clan. During our visit at the company, we had the pleasure of sitting down together with some of the key people behind VIRTUE to ask them what their collective answer would be about the current state of the networking market. “Just do what you say you will do. Too often, after all is said and done, much more is said then done. Underpromise and over-deliver. Take the time to follow up on everything that you say you will do and surprise and delight people by doing so. To most this doesn’t come as a shock, but unfortunately the industry is flooded with parasites and income driven organizations all trying to copy each other while selling services they themselves don’t understand and in most cases can’t deliver even for their own businesses. Just make sure you have the manpower and deep-rooted knowledge about your own services so your business model is not based on ripping off complete strangers. This is a big problem in the industry and we see this happen quite a lot, especially in low net-worth companies trying to survive off of testing their services on unaware clients ultimately hammering their potential and growth.” – said VIRTUE’s CEO, Dan Virtue.

Based on the last quote and our previous interviews — networking isn’t merely the exchange of information with others — and it’s certainly not about begging for favors. Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, whether you’re waiting to order your morning coffee, participating in an intramural sports league, or attending a work conference. We don’t need to join several professional associations and attend every networking event that comes our way in order to be a successful networker. In fact, if we take our eyes off our smartphone when we’re out in public, we’ll see that networking opportunities are all around us every day. Nurture your relationships through knowledge acquired over time, connect and communicate in an ongoing way — not only when we reach out for something — but much more important, to provide insight, advice or just a sympathetic ear.

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