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Tianna S. Harris Is Single-Handedly Making Hydration Trendy With Beauty Dolls Las Vegas Water

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Tianna S. Harris Is Single-Handedly Making Hydration Trendy With Beauty Dolls Las Vegas Water

May 03
17:03 2021
Tianna S. Harris Is Single-Handedly Making Hydration Trendy With Beauty Dolls Las Vegas Water

Beauty is a power that women can possess with full confidence. It is a remarkable showing of status, elegance, and health. Tianna S. Harris knows beauty like the back of her hand. Her grandmother, Carol Ann Harris, was known for being a legend in their neighborhood. She is a mixed-race woman who is part Native American, European, and African. She created homemade remedies for skin and hair restoration, with Tianna gaining an apprenticeship under her.

Thus, this was the start of an experience that she would never forget. She learned a lot by becoming her grandmother’s apprentice. Then she also studied under a Las Vegas-based physician who offered her intensively supervised 1-on-1 training in restorative lasers, scientific antidotes and natural remedies. She combined everything that she had learned and incorporated it into her company, Beauty Dolls Las Vegas.

Tianna S. Harris saw an opportunity to help at least one single person restore their health through beauty and wellness. Little did she know that her lobby would consistently stay full to the point of becoming under capacity. Due to the massive demand for her services, she would constantly have to turn down customers. Her beauty consultations were loved by many, and many of her clients grew an intimate trust because of her high-quality services.

The renowned beauty expert is a staunch believer in confidence, status, love, focus, clarity, health and humanitarian ways. While being the founder and CEO of Beauty Dolls Las Vegas, Tianna is also earning her Masters of Business Degree virtually at The Power MBA in Madrid, Spain. She has learned from the founders and top executives of Tesla, Netflix, Airbnb and many more of the world’s most powerful industry disruptors, making her well-equipped to take on the industry as a whole.

Through her industry expertise, Tianna S. Harris has managed to create a beauty remedy in the form of Beauty Dolls Las Vegas water. Regular unfiltered sink water takes a toll on one’s appearance in the long run, but Beauty Dolls Las Vegas water restores beauty just by bathing in it or consuming it. The product is totally vegan and is good for anybody since there are no harmful chemicals that are being used. The product also releases serotonin from the brain, which is known as the happy hormone.

There is also beauty in the packaging of Beauty Dolls Las Vegas water, staying true to the brand and the quality of the product. The overall result of the product is magical once consumed daily. Testimonials have come pouring in regarding the benefits of the water after just a single-use. One hundred percent of all respondents have reported positive results without a single negative review.

In the near future, Tianna S. Harris hopes to scale Beauty Dolls Las Vegas into a massive company that becomes the status quo of the beauty, medical, and hospitality industries. As an expert in the field, Tianna has managed to keep herself in tip-top shape with beautiful skin and good health. Tianna is the mother of eight gorgeous children, all of whom were birthed naturally. She is a firm believer in her product, using Beauty Dolls Las Vegas water to bathe her babies in.

Tianna S. Harris also consumes her own bottled water, and the results definitely show in her figure. She is proving to the world that staying hydrated can truly be trendy.

Find out more about Tianna S. Harris by checking out her official website.

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