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How Power Couple and Entrepreneurs Hailey Hughes and Joe Drews Pay Their Success Forward Through Women Empowerment

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How Power Couple and Entrepreneurs Hailey Hughes and Joe Drews Pay Their Success Forward Through Women Empowerment

April 28
12:03 2021
How Power Couple and Entrepreneurs Hailey Hughes and Joe Drews Pay Their Success Forward Through Women Empowerment

Entrepreneurs affect society in many ways. They create jobs, nurture the economy, provide innovative products and services, and more. But Washington-based couple and business founders Hailey Hughes and Joe Drews chose to go above and beyond by using entrepreneurship as a way of uplifting those who have been victimized by ill fate. Today, they are spearheading a movement that is changing the lives of women across the United States. 

Hailey and Joe co-founded Drews Multimedia, which together has grown Drews Multimedia into an industry leader that provides some of the most efficient solutions for small business owners who want to successfully make a mark in their respective industries by leveraging the digital space. Home to seasoned professionals, the company creates seamless digital marketing funnels and design and development programs geared toward creative effective marketing. 

But beyond making a name for themselves in digital marketing, Hailey Hughes is also paying her success forward by positively impacting women who survived or are currently fleeing domestic violence by empowering them with high-paying jobs and incredible job opportunities.  Hailey created a platform that allows them to realize that life does not stop at them being the victim. But with the right resources, they, too, can take control of their own story and lead better lives.

The couple named the movement Locals Give Back, a name that embodies what the program indeed does for the community. Currently hiring across the country, with participants coming from all walks of life in seven states, Locals Give Back is undoubtedly paving the way for a better tomorrow for women, men, and children who have been struggling with domestic violence for many years. 

Locals Give Back provides participants with high paying income, coaching, financial planning, sales training, social media marketing training, and on-the-job experience to equip them with the necessary skills that would kick start their journey. The power couple wants the program to be the pivotal factor that gives participants the competitive edge they need to rise above the job market. Landing a great job is never an easy feat, and one has to find her own niche to excel.  Locals Give Back does just that and more as it leads its participants to reach their maximum potential. 

Furthermore, Locals Give Back aims to provide participants with financial stability and simultaneously protect various communities using the proceeds from the product, Vivint Smart Home Automation And Security Systems. The nationwide program has already partnered with many worthy causes, including the support it gives to 12+ different non-profit organizations. The donations range between no less than $5000 to $10,000 per event.

Locals Give Back has collaborated with many non-profits to host and serve food pantries, women’s shelters, diaper banks, and a tiny home village for homeless veterans. With their genuine mission to impact communities across the country, Hailey Hughes and Joe Drews get to work with entrepreneurs who are interested in branding themselves as the change-makers in their communities as well.

Drews Multimedia does not only give its clients the necessary tools to earn passive income but also includes them in a much bigger movement. To learn more about the digital marketing company and their initiative for women empowerment, visit

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