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Rookie K-Pop Boy Group Omega X Drops Official Logo

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Rookie K-Pop Boy Group Omega X Drops Official Logo

April 05
17:20 2021

Spire Entertainment unveiled the official logo of the K-pop idol boy group Omega X. The logo image shows the Omega symbol (Ω) and the letter X, which represents the band’s name, and a planet in the shadow. The letters and the planet are outlined in fluorescent neon colors against a black background, which evokes the feeling of superheroes, as if the 11 Omega X band members are superheroes from outer space.

The Omega symbol, which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, refers to a new beginning, hope, dream, the end, goal and direction, suggesting the Omega X members’ hopes to meet the fans and stay with them until the end. Omega in uppercase letter or the ohm sign (Ω) has an open bottom, which symbolizes the gate that connects the Omega X members with its fans.

The bold X letter in extra wide outline symbolizes limitless joy, dream, opportunity, gift, love and hope, which are values the Omega X members wish to present to the fans. Consequently, X also symbolizes the Omega X members’ commitment to deliver these values to fans.

The base colors of the logo are black and white. The color black absorbs all of the other colors, emphasizing what the Greek letter Omega symbolizes, embracing diverse values. The color white symbolizes the light of hope, representing the birth of a new megascale K-pop group with a global fanbase.

The branding, identity and logo design of Omega X are the works of Brand Architects, a branding firm based in Seoul, Korea, that has collaborated with global brands including Universal Music Group, and Professor Marvin Lee of Hongik University’s Department of Visual Design.

“Omega means a new beginning or the end, and X is the unknown with infinite possibilities. Combined, Omega X symbolizes constant change and growth,” Prof. Lee explained.

Spire Entertainment will drop teasers for the upcoming Omega X reality show for 15 days starting April 9 through April 23, 9 p.m. KST. The reality program premieres on April 24 on YouTube and VLive, with a total of 10 episodes to be released weekly. Omega X members are currently preparing for their official debut in May.

A Spire Entertainment spokesperson asked for the K-pop enthusiasts’ support and interest by saying, “Omega X will show the K-pop fans what it means for a K-pop band to be constantly improving with infinite possibilities. Please stay tuned for Omega X’s official debut in May.”

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