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Mission Viejo Tree Experts Rents A Crane At Night to Complete Third Emergency Tree Removal

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Mission Viejo Tree Experts Rents A Crane At Night to Complete Third Emergency Tree Removal

June 21
22:06 2022

Mission Viejo, California – When 3 homeowners called last night to report unexpected tree damage, Mission Viejo Tree Experts had to think outside the box. The company has a total of 2 cranes. However, each of the three emergency tree service procedures needed a crane to improve safety.

The company’s team of tree removal professionals is big enough,” said the Mission Viejo Tree Experts CEO. “However, to make the emergency tree removal procedures a success, the company had to figure a way of getting an extra crane. Getting the crane is not too complicated during day time. However, the homeowners had called at about 8 pm, on a Saturday. This meant that most of the companies that rent cranes were already closed.”

The CEO reportedly sent his emergency tree removal teams to the first 2 homes. As these teams worked on the emergencies, he turned his attention towards getting the third crane.

The company called about 10 crane renters without getting an answer,” said the CEO. “It reached a point where the company had to knock on the door of one of the crane rental managers. Luckily for the team, the crane renter was still at home and was more than willing to help out.”

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On acquiring the third crane, the CEO immediately sent the third team to the third home for help. The CEO had reportedly selected the homes to work on based on the risk they were in. The third home was not in great danger. The tree was relying on two much bigger trees for stability—it would have taken a whole day for the damaged tree to damage the supporting trees.

Due to the problems the team had to go through when trying to locate a crane,” said the Mission Viejo Tree Experts CEO, “they arrived on the third landscape about 1 hour 10 minutes after the call. The company’s main goal has always been to respond less than an hour after receiving the emergency tree service request. Arriving at the emergency site over an hour later looked like a failure to us. However, since the tree was still held in place by the neighboring oaks, the homeowner was still impressed by the company’s team of tree cutting professionals.”

The CEO noted that the three emergency tree removal procedures went on without a hitch. The trees were attached to the cranes which helped change their falling direction. The trees were then cut down a foot by foot. The emergency tree removal procedures ended well, with no damaged neighboring utility.

In the 25+ years Mission Viejo Tree Experts has been in business,” said the CEO of the company, “homeowners in this region have never sent 3 emergency tree removal procedures at the same time. For this reason, the company thought that having 2 cranes was too much—the company only used 1 crane at a time. However, with the recent occurrence, it looks like the company may need a third crane.”

When reporters contacted the homeowners whose damaged trees were removed, they were extremely satisfied with the results. They noted that the company saved them from what could have been thousands of dollars in property damages. They also appreciated the company for charging them a very affordable tree removal fee.

Mission Viejo Tree Experts schedules emergency tree removals—and other tree service procedures—from its base of operation at Los Alisos Blvd, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 949-755-8618 and [email protected]

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