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Precautions when using angle grinders | Kangton

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Precautions when using angle grinders | Kangton

January 05
17:48 2022


The angle grinder is very familiar to people. It is one of the most powerful and commonly used tools in the toolbox. The use of angle grinders has been developed to the extreme. There is no work that cannot be done.


It can be said that it is a universal artifact, drilling, grinding, cutting, sawing omnipotent, grinding all kinds of materials, and can also cut almost all common materials such as concrete, stone, brick and various metals.

Angle grinder is a kind of hand-held electric tool, its full name is angle grinder, also called angle grinder or disc grinder. As the name suggests, its purpose is to polish. Later, people developed drills and cuts for it. The saw is not its original intention, so it is easy to cause accidents in the use process.

Angle grinders mainly have the characteristics of small size and high speed, which also make them have more efficient working capabilities; but at the same time, it is also these two characteristics that make it highly dangerous and cause countless safety accidents. People love and hate it too.

Let’s take a look at how to use angle grinders safely, and what are the safety precautions for angle grinders in different working conditions.


The structure and working principle of angle grinder

First of all, people must understand the structure of the angle grinder. The angle grinder is mainly composed of the handle, the protective cover, the cutting/grinding sheet and the sheet flange. The angle grinder uses alternating current or direct current (rechargeable battery) as a power source to drive the motor to rotate at a high speed to drive the cutting or polishing disc to rotate.

Safe use of angle grinders

Check before use

Before using an angle grinder, people must first prepare for protection. The angle grinder will generate a lot of dust and sparks. This is why people should be fully equipped with protective clothing, including tough gloves (no knitting gloves), protective boots, and goggles. And dust mask. During the working process of the angle grinder, there will be many small fragments flying out at an alarming speed. If there is not enough protection, it will face the risk of serious injury. They should also make sure that they are not wearing any loose clothes, long hair and jewelry, so as not to be caught by the angle grinder during operation. It is also very important to clean up the working environment and ensure that there are no combustibles that may be ignited by splashing sparks. It is also very important to provide adequate ventilation for the workplace so that the generated dust can float out of the room, thereby reducing the damage to the operator’s respiratory system.

In fact, everyone knows that the above protection only exists in theory. It is good if people can wear goggles and gloves (knitting gloves are prohibited) during actual operation. The various parts of the angle grinder should be checked, especially the saw/grinding disc. This is also a crucial step, because a damaged saw/grinding disc may cause personal injury. Fix or clamp the workpiece to be processed, and whether the parts on the angle grinder are loose, and fasten the saw/grinding disc on the angle grinder with a flange blade.


Standard operation when using

When using an angle grinder, people should always hold the handle firmly. If it starts to slip, please close it immediately and readjust it; don’t use too much force when using the grinder. Rely on its rotation speed and apply a little force to complete the work. When the angle grinder is polished, keep it at a certain angle with the workpiece to make the grinding disc part contact the workpiece better, and gradually adjust the angle and grip posture to avoid sparks and grinding debris from discharging to themselves. When the cutting blade is worn too much, it should be replaced in time. Usually, it needs to be replaced when half of the diameter is consumed. When changing or checking the saw blade, be sure to unplug the power plug. Also, do not use the abrasive blade for cutting. Do not remove the protective cover of the angle grinder at any time. Always keep the side with the protective cover facing the operator when using it. If people must remove the protective cover to work, then look for professional alternative tools and use it instead of saving trouble. Take a risk.

Which operation is better when cutting forward or backward? When pushing forward, the saw blade and the machine will gradually move away from people, and the debris will also fall to the ground. When reverse pulling, the debris is more likely to splash on the body, and it will increase the risk of chip bursting, so for safety, Generally, it is cut by forward pushing. Also, when buying angle grinders now, many businesses will be equipped with a variety of saw blades, including woodworking saw blades, and in our impression, angle grinders can saw all kinds of hard stone, concrete and steel, then There is definitely no problem with it for sawing wood.

The actual use situation is also like this. At the high speed of the angle grinder, the wood can be easily sawed, but at the same time the danger is also in it. When the woodworking saw blade encounters hard objects such as knots and nails, the angle grinder It will rebound in an instant, and the hands can’t control it at all, which can damage the angle grinder and saw blade, or endanger personal safety. At high speeds, the grinding wheel relies on the contact of many small particles with the workpiece to cut. Although the cutting is slow, the reaction force generated is small; the saw teeth of woodworking saw blades are large, and the reaction force is also great. If you encounter the rebound force generated by a hard object at a high speed, your hands cannot control it at all. This is also the cause of many angle grinder accidents.

Therefore, as a hand-held power tool, the angle grinder is extremely unsafe to use woodworking saw blades for cutting wood.

After using an angle grinder

When finishing the work, cut off the power first, and wait for the saw/grinding disc to stop rotating before placing the angle grinder in a safe place. When leaving the workplace, check the surrounding environment to avoid sparks or high-temperature iron filings from igniting the surrounding objects and causing a fire. If the best tool is used improperly, it may become the most dangerous tool. This is not about the tool, but the operator’s safety awareness. Editor also hope that everyone can be standardized when using angle grinders or other tools. The use of, can always keep away from danger.

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