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How Partymachines is Helping Rental Companies Double Their Profits with Foam Machines

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How Partymachines is Helping Rental Companies Double Their Profits with Foam Machines

January 05
22:24 2022
The best place to buy a foam machine in 2022.

Partymachines has made it possible for anyone to start their own foam machine rental business with a small upfront investment. The ROI on foam machines is almost too good to be true. On average, Partymachines foam machines rent for $150 an hour and cost about $10 an hour to run. The average rental is typically 3 hours which would generate $450 in revenue resulting in $420 in profit on just one rental. Partymachines’ flagship product, the Super E Foam Machine set, comes with everything one needs to get started with a price tag of $705. After just 2 rentals, one would already be making a profit. The Super E Foam Machine weighs only 14lbs, takes 5 minutes to set up, and does not require a full-time operator.

You can view Partymachines’ foam machine selection at

Partymachines encourages new customers to book a rental even before ordering a foam machine. This way, new customers can secure a rental gig before their first investment. Partymachines goes as far as giving customers photos and videos to market their foam machine rental business. With such a low barrier to entry, Partymachines has made it possible for thousands of customers to start a high-profit margin foam machine rental business.

A recent survey found that rental companies make more profit on foam machine rentals than any other product. High school students can now quit their minimum-wage summer jobs and make upwards of $150 an hour renting out foam machines. Bouncehouse and Waterslide rental companies are now offering foam machines as an add-on to their current rental offerings.

Interestingly enough, Partymachines often gives away foam machines for free if customers buy enough foam powder solution for their foam machine. One thing is for certain, foam machines are here to stay and the industry is growing at a rapid rate.

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