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The Pros and Cons of Solar Garden Lighting

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The Pros and Cons of Solar Garden Lighting

September 02
19:42 2021
When it comes to lighting a garden up, there are several options available to homeowners worldwide, and some of them are the solar garden lights that companies like provide. In this text see a discussion of the pros and cons of such lights and whether or not the technology is worth investing in.

What Solar Garden Lights are all About

These types of lights have a relatively small form factor, meaning that they both don’t provide that much light and don’t take that much space. There are different variations with all sorts of capabilities, but those which are meant for ground garden use are generally small and come with a spear-head for putting into the ground.

What it Offers

In order to remove bias, it’s important to discuss what solar lights lack, however, it’s also vital to show their advantages in order to allow readers to determine what choice is the right one for them. The points which will be touched upon are lights mobility, adaptability, ease of use and energy consumption or the lack thereof.

No Need for Wiring

One of the biggest advantages of solar lighting is that it does not require a connection to the power grid. Their small solar panel provides enough power to the batteries for them to produce the light which is required.

No wiring means not digging holes, no worrying about insulating conductors and it generally removes all hassle connected to installation procedures. There are solar light variations which companies like provide, are extremely easy to move and install.

Mobility and Adjustability

The mobility factor means that they can be put exactly where they are needed without really worrying about wiring or any other factors which would otherwise impede overall garden design. This also means that if the user changes their mind and wants to move them in a way which better suits their desires, the lights will accommodate it with incredible flexibility which is needed for designing the ambiance of any garden.

Energy Conservation

Since sun light produces the energy for the solar powered garden lighting, there is no need for conduits to be run and therefore there is no power consumption. The energy saving aspect of solar power is an extremely high contributing factor to the other positive aspects of these types of products and overall energy accumulation.

What it Lacks – it’s Cons

Just like anything in life, even solar lights have their downsides and in order to be fair to any readers interested in this topic, the examination of the light’s characteristics will provide some detail so users and readers can make an informed decision regarding their garden illumination options.

Lower Lighting Capabilities

Since the source of energy is limited, it follows that the overall production of light and intensity will be lower. The lumens which solar lights produce is generally some of the lowest in the field of movable garden lighting, which is no surprise since they have to produce light in a different way.

If a person is looking for intensity, they have to pick a specific type of lighting which can accommodate their lighting needs.

Relies on Sunlight

One of the benefits as well as drawbacks of solar powered anything, is the solar part – it requires direct, intense sunlight in order to produce any sort of energy. This means that if the garden designer hasn’t placed the lights in the most optimal spot, or if the day is cloudy, most likely the solar panels are not going to be as effective as a dedicated garden light would.

Are Lighting Options Any Different

The thing about new technologies is that they progress constantly. As one of the most promising parts of modern innovation, solar power is on the rise in many of the ways it is lacking today. In terms of suggestions, the Elmark people show quite a lot of promise, but at the end of the day it really depends on the consumer and their needs.

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