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ParallelStaff’s Nearshore Outsourcing To Save Up To 60% When Hiring Software Developers

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ParallelStaff’s Nearshore Outsourcing To Save Up To 60% When Hiring Software Developers

August 30
13:15 2021
ParallelStaff is an American company that offers affordable and dependable nearshore outsourcing solutions, which could save brands up to 60% on onboarding costs.

Building a team of professional software developers is easier than ever in 2021 – the world has welcomed the age of rapid technology with open arms, and many organizations are now considering onboarding people outside of their local communities. 

Smaller towns often hide talented, prospective individuals, but they’re quick to join whichever project seems profitable at the moment. That’s one of the many reasons why nearshore outsourcing became popular in the past few years – companies would scour their neighboring countries for talented prospects rather than waste precious time building up a roster exclusively locally. 

ParallelStaff is an American company that is at the top when it comes to nearshore outsourcing services. Their remarkably affordable prices and connections allow the brand to quickly locate professional software developers for companies who are looking to hire or engage for a project. 

Nearshore staff augmentation is currently the most efficient way of building up a roster of reputable professionals, especially in the spheres of software development, engineering, and digital marketing. ParallelStaff’s staff augmentation solutions ensure that their clients are ‘getting the best in the business.’

Furthermore, ParallelStaff’s exceptional nearshore staffing solutions have attracted the attention of various reputable reviewing platforms. Benzinga posted a lengthy review, pointing out that ParallelStaff’s nearshore outsourcing will save money and time for their clients, who can rest assured that they will receive quality work for their money:

“When you hire nearshore talent, you’ll never have to worry about different time zones. Nearshore firms purposely choose experts from Mexico and Latin America to ensure your workers can collaborate with your team. This eliminates the long delays and the awkwardness of trying to communicate at odd hours. Plus, as mentioned, you’ll save time by hiring true experts that you won’t have to onboard and train before the project.”

ParallelStaff’s nearshore software development solutions are backed by decades of experience in scouting the most talented developers internationally, although the brand’s primarily focused on the USA, Canada, and Mexico. 

Given that many brands don’t have the time (or the budget) to host series upon series of interviews, ParallelStaff is committed to providing simple, efficient solutions in terms of shortlists of the very finest software developers, coders, and digital engineers all across Latin America:

“ParallelStaff nearshore software development connects you with top talent from Latin America to help your business create spectacular solutions. From business-driven innovations to customer-centric software, we can help you launch faster, smarter, and more agile. With nearshore software development we make digital transformation easy. You pick the people, the project, and the results, and we’ll deliver it to you at a fraction of the cost.“

More information about ParallelStaff can be found on the brand’s official website.

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