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Terry Wilson Making 6 Figures in Sales Using Digital Marketing

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Terry Wilson Making 6 Figures in Sales Using Digital Marketing

July 06
03:00 2021
Terry Wilson Making 6 Figures in Sales Using Digital Marketing

Growing a business from nothing to 7 figures in sales is an achievement very few sales professionals have on their resume. One of the few who seems to have cracked the code and successfully made sales when no one expected is Terry Wilson. 

Terry Wilson is a successful 7 figure sales professional from a small town named Folkston, Georgia. He has closed over 1.4 million dollars in sales and now teaches others how to do the same. Terry is also a sales consultant who provides consultancy services to sales companies looking to improve their market and convert more leads. Terry uses his expertise as a digital marketer to help position these companies on the map in a few easy but proven steps. 

Working in sales is a job where hard skills are often in less demand. Soft skills are often highly demanded, such as leadership, communication, persuasiveness, and quick thinking. For those in specialized industries, a sales professional’s job description includes any knowledge or skill that may be demanded of them. 

A sales professional’s job requires them to have previous sales representative experience and often some management experience. One sales professional who stands apart from his peers is Terry Wilson.

On what he considers unique about himself as a sales professional, Terry recalls that by the time he turned 24, he had closed over 1 million in sales and established contacts. With a growing influence in the industry, he was well on his way to becoming a household name. 

According to Terry, another thing he loves besides making sales is teaching other people how to succeed as sales professionals and representatives. In his words, “I target young sales professionals who are looking to earn 10k per month.” Primarily, he wants to see other people master the art just like he has.

Terry noted that even though he didn’t have the tools and social media to count on at the time he started as a young sales professional, he considers the current generation of young professionals as lucky. Having caught up with social media himself and mastered it, he is willing to give them all they need to succeed and create a future generation of successful sales professionals. 

For Terry, getting fast results is what distinguishes him from his competition. Though he admits that his competitors may offer cheaper services than what he provides, which may be tempting to potential clients, he is a proven professional with years of experience under his belt. The fact that he had done it numerous times, achieving even better results than the last, keeps him ahead of his peers.

In five years, Terry hopes to become the number 1 sales professional in the whole of the United States and the go-to man when it comes to sales, marketing, and anything digital marketing. Having previously grown a company from nothing to 6 figures in sales, he hopes to replicate the feat many more times and to be able to teach his students to do the same in their private practices. That in itself is where his satisfaction lies.

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