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Lovespace Launches First Ever Platform For Couples To Build Love With World Class Love Coaches

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Lovespace Launches First Ever Platform For Couples To Build Love With World Class Love Coaches

July 03
02:30 2021
The secret to the most successful couples in the world is that love takes investment & intention. Lovespace helps couples build their Great Love Story.

Lovespace launches the first ever platform designed for couples to build great love through world class love coaches, date nights and healthy rituals to strengthen their love to serve the 3 billion humans in the world that are… well… in love!

The market is filled with thousands of dating apps to find love… but what do you do after you meet your dream partner? Are you doomed to wait until the honeymoon phase fades and then go to relationship counseling to try to fix the faltering relationship?

After interviewing the world’s most successful couples and leading love coaches, lovespace discovered that what most people believe about love is a lie…

Most of the world thinks love is meant to be easy. That when you meet your true soulmate, it just works. This myth that “Love just happens causes immense suffering, and lovespace is on a mission to bring the truth to light – that Great Love is built, with care.

What is lovespace?

Lovespace has created a space where couples can proactively invest in their love, to create a relationship with intention, spark, adventure, care, and to be inspired by a like-minded community of intentional, successful, and thriving couples.

Each couple that enters lovespace picks a LoveCoach who they meet with twice a month. Unlike relationship therapy which deals with the traumas of the past, Love Coaching takes after executive and life coaching with its forward-looking practices. Lovespace LoveCoaches are trained through proprietary LoveCoaching frameworks designed specifically to help couples learn more about themselves, their partner and how the couple can grow together and build a great love.

Throughout each month, lovespace sends fun date ideas, love rituals and practices that are meant to bring couples closer together, put adventure into their relationship and strengthen love.

Who is lovespace for?

Lovespace is for any couple looking to invest in their relationship. Often couples come to lovespace who feel stuck or in a rut with their relationship. Or looking for a fun way to create more excitement in their relationship. Or know they found ‘the one’ and want to ensure the investment is made to make the relationship last.

The reason doesn’t matter. What matters is what you want to build for you, your partner and your future.

You can sign up for your lovespace at

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