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New book by RN Case Manager Robert Gatewood shares complete guide on organized discharge planning of elderly patients

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New book by RN Case Manager Robert Gatewood shares complete guide on organized discharge planning of elderly patients

July 02
19:33 2021
“Your Discharge Destiny” by Robert G. Gatewood is the first book to offer comprehensive assistance on chalking up a planned and organized discharge process from hospital and assuring proper recovery for patients after discharge.

St. Louis, MO – July 02, 2021 – Discharging patients from hospitals could be a challenging process. Many people are usually clueless about how to proceed with a seamless discharge process of their parents from hospitals and how to take care of them afterwards. In that light, experienced RN Case Manager, Robert G. Gatewood, has recently released his new book which offers a proven blueprint on how to ensure a smooth discharge of elderly parents from hospital to home. Titled “Your Discharge Destiny”, the book aims to assist patients and their families with credible medical information to help them make an informed discharge decision.

The book is available in paperback version on Amazon and is already bustling with a  stellar 5 star rating on Amazon.

Your Discharge Destiny” is a book to assist the family and Patients to take charge of their medical care so that they can proceed with the discharge and post-discharge recovery process in a more organized way. The book is for anyone who is or soon would be under hospital care or has a parent and other near and dear ones who are in the hospital. The book would also  be a handy guide for those who are unable to take  care of their loved one at home anymore after discharge from the hospital.  

“Poorly planned hospital discharge could pose risks to safety and recovery of a patient as well as increase resource costs and readmission tendency. Put simply, an organized discharge planning is crucial to the recovery process of a patient. However, a lot of people are not acquainted with the right steps to take during the discharge process and are confused about how to take proper care of the patient after discharge. This is where my ‘Your Discharge Destiny’ will come to help. It will answer all your questions when you are trying to ensure a seamless discharge of a patient from hospital and his/her appropriate care after discharge”, stated Robert G. Gatewood, RN ACM, the author of the book. 

“The book gives the people to make a choice for themselves in their time so that they don’t have to force themselves to make a rash unwise choice at the spur of the moment.” 

Your Discharge Destiny” is packed with comprehensive information on all the major and minor aspects of a properly planned discharge from hospital and patient care post discharge. The senior RN and author has discussed in detail about the purpose, process, planning as well as the necessary tools required for discharge planning. Readers will also find sections of customized discharge planning layout for specific medical conditions, like congestive heart failure, elderly patients with hip fracture, patients with orthopaedic conditions and so on.  

Additionally, the book sheds light on possible options where the patient can be kept for post-discharge recovery and the various assistance programs available for them.  

“The book will assist families with questions to ask during discharge and provide them with a map on places to consider to host the patient after discharge.  There is no other book out there that has this kind of information to assist with putting the choices in your hand during a hospital discharge before you go.  It is your discharge, Your Choice, Your Destiny- you should learn all you can about what you may need.”

About the author:

Robert G. Gatewood, RN ACM, is a Disabled American Vet and a seasoned RN who has been a travel nurse case manager for a whopping 14 years. Over his prolonged tenure as a RN, he has helped thousands of patients and families in the U.S. Gatewood has worked in as many as 10 States and holds professional licenses for 7 States.

For more information or to purchase the book, please visit Amazon

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