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Innovative Machine learning-based mobile app assures Instant Pokemon Card Grading with 99.99% accuracy

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Innovative Machine learning-based mobile app assures Instant Pokemon Card Grading with 99.99% accuracy

July 02
01:57 2021
AGS is an upcoming Pokemon card gradation app based on AI and machine learning technology which guarantees never-seen-before grading accuracy in just minutes.

NYC, NY – July 1, 2021 – The Pokemon card grading industry is at the threshold of a revolution of late. An innovative upcoming mobile app is all set to redefine the way Pokemon cards and collectibles are graded by enabling the facility of “instant” addition and gradation of any Pokemon card. Titled “AGS” (Automated Grading Services), the app is backed by state-of-the-art Machine Learning Technology that powers up the app to assure grading in seconds with 99.99% accuracy.

AGS will be officially launched on October 9, 2021.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our cutting-edge Pokemon card grading app AGS which will revolutionize the card grading scene and for better. It’s the FIRST-ever AI-based card grading system which ensures way faster and more accurate grading compared to conventional BGS and PSA methods”, stated a leading spokesperson from the AGS team.

AGS is engineered with an in-built lab-grade scanning system that comprises a microscope, laser and camera to comprehensively capture all the card data, including all the scratches, lines and even microscopic details. After the data are captured, AGS’ proprietary machine learning software teams up with Artificial Intelligence technology to analyse the data gathered thoroughly to offer a credible grading score for the card.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, AGS is developed to address the common problems faced by the traditional grading process. A major factor that would keep AGS ahead in the card grading world is its incredible speed. The conventional grading systems suffer from the menace of prolonged wait time that can even stretch to weeks. But, thanks to its cutting-edge engineering, AGS can grade cards in just minutes.  

Another factor that would enable AGS to scale up the card grading scene is its commendable accuracy. The in-built scanner inside the app helps to capture even the microscopic details and the AI software is equipped to grade on a more detailed scale than traditional grading systems. Such detailed and elaborate grading technology allows AGS to assure more than 99 percent accuracy.

“Humans are prone to errors but computers are always meticulously accurate with calculations. No wonder, the traditional card grading systems cannot assure optimum accuracy and they are also extremely slow and expensive. It’s about time we switch to computers for a more efficient, faster, economical and error-free grading and AGS is pioneering the shift here with its advanced scanning hardware and AI and machine learning software. While our app’s scanning system would provide more specific and valuable  data about the cards being graded, our proprietary machine learning software would grade cards in a flash and that too with an industry-leading 99.99% accuracy.”

Top features of AGS:

  • Instant card grading 
  • Extremely detailed data capture, including even those finer details that can be missed by human eye
  • Provides relief from the traditional tedious process of mailing cards for grading- users would only need to download the app to start grading right away
  • More accurate grading than ever before
  • Revolutionary grading technology assures easy access to grading for all
  • Makes it easier to discover all Pokemon cards and sets
  • Rewards for completing graded card sets

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