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Top Emirati entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed raises awareness on cybersecurity, electronic breaches amid pandemic

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Top Emirati entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed raises awareness on cybersecurity, electronic breaches amid pandemic

February 09
21:48 2021
Top Emirati entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed raises awareness on cybersecurity, electronic breaches amid pandemic
With cyber threats taking the widespread socio-economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic to further their malicious intent, top cyberpreneur Saud Bin Ahmed has ramped up efforts to raise awareness regarding issues on cybersecurity.

“The rise of e-commerce and the digital world has brought about great changes in global trade and ease of doing business around the world. However, the emergence also caused us security issues like cyber attacks and hacking of the privacy,” Ahmed, a cyberpreneur who revolutionized the cyber-verse of the United Arab Emirates, said in a recent press statement.

While Ahmed lamented the heightened level of cyberattacks happening across industries around the world, he stressed the need to leverage countries’ commitment to cybersecurity.

“Especially with the pandemic still raging on, a whopping spike in the number of cyber attacks that are leveraging the panic has cropped up. Countries across the world need to further invest in cybersecurity, with the need to safeguard the privacy of their citizens on top of their policy agenda,” Ahmed said.

A cyberpreneur like Ahmed is an entrepreneur who uses the digital world to scale or further innovate and develop businesses, services and branding. However, Ahmed has utilized his skills in furthering national development in his home country, the United Arab Emirates, by saving families from getting dismantled through exposure to extortion cases and outside hackers that seek to pierce through their devices.

Ahmed has crafted strategies and frameworks to address web attacks and is a certified ethical hacker from the United States of America. He showed off his exemplary technical expertise and has safeguarded his country, the UAE, from the outside cyber threats. His works, which are accessible at, could inspire more cyber entrepreneurs wading through the challenges of the industry.

Ahmed started his technical career at a young age of 13, eventually becoming one of the most sought-after cyberpreneurs. He has mastered the craft of ethical hacking and delved into solutions to help his country, the UAE, fend off cyber attacks and threats. Ahmed showcases his work through his website

Ahmed has worked with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan.

Ahmed also became the first individual who served his country by dismantling the ransom virus.

With new variants of malware emerging almost every day, Ahmed said it is crucial for countries to boost their defenses against these threats.

“Countries need cyberpreneurs and experts that have in-depth knowledge and high awareness about existing digital threats. Cyberpreneurs must observe a thin line between information and cyber-crime. This is the concept of ethical hacking,” Ahmed, who manages, said.

Born in 1985, Ahmed’s hard work and dedication in the field have been cited in several publications. Ahmed’s work ethic prompted him to conduct cyber experiments which he said proved beneficial to his advancement in the field. His works are available at

About Saud Bin Ahmed

Saud bin Ahmed is an international expert in information security and is a United States of America certified ethical hacker. With his observations and sound technical knowledge, Ahmed become one of the leading entrepreneurs in the field. Ahmed was born in 1985 in the United Arab Emirates.

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