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Welcome to Ferlatino – A Site for Popularizing New Music from Emerging Musicians

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Welcome to Ferlatino – A Site for Popularizing New Music from Emerging Musicians

November 09
21:18 2020

Mexico – When it comes to new music, you probably are always looking for an update. Just surfing YouTube isn’t enough to always procure the results you want. Additionally, you may not know the story behind why something is coming out. New stories come along with new music, and this is what Fernando Salazar Perea understands.

Fernando takes a deep dive into popular culture. He doesn’t just limit himself to indie rock, but he also looks mainstream. This is good because it is what people are typically interested in. The music he covers is major news, like what Miley Cyrus is up to.

As a blogger, Fernando is branding himself as well. You can find his website at FERLATINO.COM. This is where you will get all his written content. He also covers movies and series. There is a bit of everything from the entertainment world. For example, he even did a story about how “Pinky and the Brain” is coming out again. These tidbits are facts that everyone is interested in because it is the type of quality American entertainment that everyone watches and listens to. However, as Fernando states, his main objective is to popularize new music. This will also include information about festivals.

Fernando understands that digital marketing helps to promote his brand. Fernando likes to share a bit about himself as a writer on social media as well. He is a down to earth looking person who just takes pictures in T-shirts and smiles. He likes to get out in the field as well. When people were doing massive gatherings, he can be seen taking photos to show that he is in attendance. If you want to see more of Fernando’s pics, you can go to his Instagram Page.

Ferlatino is all about going to the actual events. On Facebook, Fernando publicizes a video of him at his first metal festival on May 7, 2019. As a CEO and influencer, he likes to go out of his way to get the goods on what’s going on in the scene firsthand.

Fernando knows that you have to be versatile in this world to be noticed. He sees what artists go through to get their music out there. He also experiences the scene surrounding music. Hopefully, one COVID-19 is over, we can all get back to going to these events. For now, it’s good to look back on what Ferlatino has published to give a glimpse into history in the making. Thankfully, new music videos and songs are still coming out every day. Ferlatino will be offering passionate and insightful coverage.

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