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Providing access to the children with mental, physical and financial activities, Virtual Kids 101 is designed for kids’ development

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Providing access to the children with mental, physical and financial activities, Virtual Kids 101 is designed for kids’ development

September 30
10:39 2020
Virtual Kids 101 is a platform that focuses on children’s fitness activities, personality development, entrepreneurial sessions and creative activities. Virtual Kids 101 is dedicated entirely on the development of kids in regards to all aspects so that they can grow up and become the future heroes that they want to be in any field of life.

Stratford, NJ, USA – Kids are the future of any nation, that’s why they have to be strong, motivated, creative and focused. With Virtual Kids 101, any child can develop these qualities and much more under a single roof. With loads of programmes and activities that will completely transform the children’s mind and body and enable them to achieve their dreams. With kids’ fitness and children’s personal development, they will be physically fit and mentally strong to make decisions more rationally. Entrepreneurship for kids makes them future innovators so that they can make their dream turn into reality.

Virtual Kids 101 was started by Tony Giannini, to help kids have a better today so that they can have a strong tomorrow. Tony was inspired to make Virtual Kids 101 by his traumatizing childhood events and he wishes that no kid should suffer as he did. That rough childhood made Tony the strong person that he is today and he is spreading his knowledge to other children so that they can be strong and courageous. It is these kids that will change the world one day, so in a way, Tony has set out to change the world.

With a vast array of programmes, Virtual Kids 101 aims to do the best for the kids training. At Virtual Kids 101, the children learn the art of creativity and how to use their minds to create the most out of any situation. Kids undergo exercises that try to maximize their horizons and give them the ability to outsmart any tough situation that they may face in their lives. Within each project, a different message is weaved like hard work, honor, patience, respect and other such moral values.

Aside from such moral values-inducing activities, Virtual Kids 101 also provides action-packed sports activities. The sports drill category gives children confidence, discipline and strength required in various walks of lives. This category is designed in such a way that even if a child doesn’t participate in sports, these drills disguise the skill along with the personal development message.

The main idea of Virtual Kids 101 is to disguise powerful messages and moral values within the fun games, to make them more appealing to the children. With many more activities and programmes, Virtual Kids 101 is equally loved by the children and their parents. That’s because children enjoy their time doing all the exercises and the parents remain content that their children are to a powerful start.

See Tony’s empowering story that made him launch Virtual Kids 101 at:

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