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NHU Introduction Training for New employees: The Starting Place of the New Journey

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NHU Introduction Training for New employees: The Starting Place of the New Journey

November 11
20:34 2019

At 9 a.m. on August 1, the opening ceremony for the introduction training for new staffs of NHU was held in the lecture hall of multiple-use building in Jishan Campus, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages.

479 new employees participated in the training and were divided into 11 companies. The training adopted the model of “military training + curriculum”, aiming to strengthen the new staff’s body and will, enhance their team spirit. In addition, this training could help them to further understand NHU, identify with the NHU’s culture and complete the transition from students to workplace newbies.

Military training is divided into daily training, quality development and short-distance hiking. Daily training was very arduous. Every student staff took it seriously, whether it was morning running, standing a pose of soldier or goose-step. Quality development activities included Boxing Square, Women Square, Assassination Square and Tactics Square, which were tiring and interesting. Especially interesting team activities, while exercising and entertaining, can also let students feel the strength of the team. Besides, Short-distance hiking was also a very cohesive activity. At 3:30 a.m., the students were ready to go to the Monument of Revolutionary Martyrs in Fushan at dawn. On this seven-kilometer journey, the student staffs pulled the team together and went hand in hand, singing loud military songs, shouting slogans loudly, unconsciously arrived at the destination. Silence, salute and flowers are offered to the martyrs with their practical actions.

On the afternoon of August 23, the playground of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, the performance of the military training for student staffs in 2019 ended perfectly. Eleven companies marched forward to the rostrum for review in turn, with loud slogans, straight posture and uniform movements, winning applause from the leaders on the rostrum. Five unique phalanx performances showed the fruitful results of military training, as well as the hard training and the vigor of youth of new employees.

These 23 days were arduous and meaningful 23 days, which would be a good memory in every student’s heart. Over the following 23 days, these new staffs challenged and honed themselves in the hot sun. They had no fear of difficulties and overcame them. In 23 days, they completed metamorphosis in sweat and broke through themselves!

At the final Party and award ceremony for excellent new employees, the vice chairman and President of the company, Mr. Hu Baishan, delivered a speech: “I hope that the new employees can continue to maintain the momentum of earnest study, hard struggle and unity in military training, achieve the value with practical actions in their respective positions, and contribute their strength to “China’s NHU, the world’s NHU”. NHU is a good platform for employees and has vast potential to explore. We hope these new employees will enjoy themselves at work and become pillars of NHU in the future.

The end of military training means the beginning of a new journey, from campus to the workplace, student staffs will enter another role change. I hope these new employees can achieve their own ideals on NHU’s stage!

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