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Gayathri Babu Rising As a Top Influencer

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Gayathri Babu Rising As a Top Influencer

September 09
11:08 2019
Highlighting Exciting Work In the UAE Out of Her Efforts

September 9, 2019 – Dubai – Gayathri Babu has quickly become one of the top women in the UAE. She is listed as one of the twenty most influential women in the UAE.

Gayathri Babu is a radio presenter and licensed influencer based out of Dubai. Originally from India, she is making it big in the UAE in spite of having not completed her college education. She has been pulling off a little more of an unconventional approach to becoming a big name.

In Dubai, influencers are usually considered to be good looking and will look like they are “societal” figures. But the work that Babu is putting in has been very different from what people have noticed elsewhere.

Babu is working as a prominent name among influential females in the UAE. A major fashion brand listed her in the UAE as one of the twenty most influential females in the country.

The intriguing point about Babu is that she has evolved over the years into a powerful woman who is ready to make a difference in the world. She was initially being teased for using the phone too much, but she has grown into a brand influencer who has proven to the world that smartphone addiction is not necessarily a bad thing.

People can particularly find many things online through Gayathri Babu’s digital content platforms. She is highlighting the many fashions that she has, the unique experiences that she puts in, and even looks at the intriguing foods she’s finding through many of Dubai’s top dining spots. She prides herself on ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Babu is a food reviewer, a solo traveler, a mother, radio presenter, and long distance runner among many other things. The great enthusiasm that she has for many things in her life and what she wants to do makes her one of the most outstanding figures for people to explore and enjoy.

Gayathri Babu is currently online at Instagram on @gayathryofficial. She also has a channel on YouTube and a Facebook page at @gayatritude. She is looking to make her work more outstanding and intriguing for people to find.

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